Dots Per Inch, Line Per Inch and Pixels Per Inch (DPI PPI LPI)

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This episode is about Learn about DPI, PPI and LPI and the differences between DPI, PPI & LPI. This video goes over what does DPI, LPI & PPI mean and when it matters. DPI, or Dots Per Inch is a printing term that is used to define the print resolution for typically a physically printed item. Think something like a poster or a sign. PPI or Pixels Per Inch is a digital term for screen resolution at a certain size of screen. LPI or Lines per inch is a term for halftones negative or positive. DPI / PPI is often used incorrectly when applied to a pure pixel measurement, so this video dives into the topic and explains the differences. Detailed Information about DPI, LPI & PPI by Ajay Singh Tanwar.

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